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URL to play video on demand with duration


I have working wowza and videofile (about 8 hours length) sample.mp4 in content/SubDir/EndDir. I want to show the part of this file - for example a piece which starts on the 35 minute of the full length of the file sample.mp4 and ends on the 1 hour and 25 minutes. So, full duration of this piece would be about 50 minutes.

What kind of URL I have send to VLC to start play this stream? Maybe something like this: http://[server-address]:1935/vod/definst/mp4:SubDir/EndDir/sample.mp4:start=1800:length=3000:repeat=false/Manifest? Or another one? Help me please with this problem.


For VLC versions that support cupertino you can use playlist.m3u8 url and this method:

For RTMP you can do it client-side with NetStream(filename,start,duration), like this"file.flv",50, 25)

Or you can do it server-side for RTMP like this:

start and duration are not supported for RTSP.


Can you post the URLs you are using to play parts of the video? Also, please upload the video somewhere and provide a link for download?. If you do not wish to make it public, you can send this info to and include a reference to this thread.


Is this a file that’s created my Wowza’s live record options or is this a file recorded else where?

It could be the file that you are having a problem with.


Thanks for the answer, Richard.

This information was very useful for me.

Now I use VOD and VLC can play piece of the videofile by URL like this one:


But I have some problem with it.

Now I have mp4 videofile about 22 hours length (~8Gb). For example I want to play first 30 minutes from the beginning of the videofile. I making URL, giving it to VLC and it startes playing rather fast. Then I making next URL for the playing last 40 minutes of the videofile and also giving it to VLC. And on this step I have got a problem - VLC loading this piece of the videofile very very slowly - for about 5 or even 7 minutes. During this time (~ 5 - 7 minutes) I’ve observed the wowza’s console window and I’ve seen that the problem pertain to VOD - it can’t startes playing the second piece of the videofile immediately after the VLC has got URL and it demands some time to starting play end of the large videofile.

So, this is my question - is it possible to somehow resolve this problem with VOD or in this case it’s impossible?


Yes, this videofile has been created by my Wowza’s plugin. I can play it by Windows Media Player, VLC, Light Alloy and other players. So it’s rather normal videofile.

Thanks for your suggestion, but first of all, I have to resolve a new problem which was discribed in this thread, because now I have a problem during writing stream in the disk.