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Use AWS IAM Roles and Temp Credentials for streaming from AWS S3

Hi, we are currently using S3 as the Media Cache Source and configured it using AWS Access Keys following this article:

It’s working fine, but we now need to be able to stream from a “remote” S3 bucket of an AWS account we do not have full control, and I wonder if there’s a way (maybe developing a custom module somehow?) to configure the source to use an AWS IAM Role (instead of inputting the plain Access Keys) so that the Streaming Engine can assume the role and access the “remote” S3 bucket.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Guillermo Rugilo, I did check with tech support on this and this would indeed require custom work done. If you’d like some assistance with this, our Pro-Services team may be able to help you build this module.

Got it. Thanks for your answer @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager !

Is there any pointer you can give me on what/how should I extend the system to plug in this functionality? Any docs I can start reading?

At this point I want to understand the feasibility of the solution, the level of effort involved, the extra components I should plug in, and the deployment implications. Whenever I decide to go with this approach I’d likely contact Pro-Services.

Thanks again!