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Use Images from s3 as Overlay

I am using in WSE 4.5 and running the ModuleTranscoderOverlayExample. Image overlays work fine when they exist in the content dir (), but how can I get it to pull from an s3 bucket?


In the example, the overlay path is set to VHostConfigHome

String artworkPath = "${com.wowza.wms.context.VHostConfigHome}/content/";

However, my path needs to be a bucket in S3. So the idea would conceptually be something like the below example:

String artworkPath = "http://external.url.for.s3.amazonaws/myContent/";  // points to s3 base path

I’ve poured through the documentation but have not found anything that matches this use case.

  • Is using s3 for image overlays possible?
  • Alternatively, could this possibly be done using a MediaCache store for S3 to pull the images to overlay, and if so, how?


There is not a way to configure that. You will need to have those overlay images stored locally, in your application’s content folder.

You can’t use media cache prefixes in configuration file paths, they are only used when receiving playback requests.