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Using 3rd Party RTMP Players against Wowza Stream


I’m trying to run a live RTMP stream on a 3rd party player. I’m able to run the stream fine using the Wowza Web Test Player, however can’t even connect using this 3rd party player. In looking at the logs, it seems the difference is the referral(origin) URL which in the case of the Wowza player gives a Wowza URL, whereas the 3rd party one doesn’t. Is there a way to circumvent this and allow 3rd party players play live streams? Note: VODs play fine, it’s just LIVE that don’t.

You have this post tagged as GoCoder SDK @Sami Eljabali and so if that is how you are streaming, then you will see in our documentation, that the GoCoder SDK streams through our proprietary protocol WOWZ and you can only use the Wowza Player with the SDK. The Wowza player supports WOWZ and that is why you cannot use 3rd party player with WOWZ or our mobile SDK.

You can however enable HLS fallback in the Wowza SDK and then play back on any player that supports HLS, but you will not get the ultra low latency of WOWZ.

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Thank you so much Rose for your answer

My pleasure, hope it helped!