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Using ec2 load balancer vs wowza load balancer and the best instances for me.

Hi ,

I’m using actually two servers wowza version 3.5.0 running on Windows 2008R2.

the first server is a physical hp dl380 G5 with two quad cpus ( 8 cores ) and 12 Gb of memory.

The second is a virtual machine with 8 vcpu and 8 GB of memory.

The load balancing is done our Cisco Ace and the media files are on a share. We only do a on demand streaming .

  • Rigth now We are consuming a 1.4GB Totatl Bandhwith ( in and out for two servers ) at apeek and we expect this to increase.

My questions are related in case of moving those servers to aws network :

1 - Reffering to this thread EC2 Instance Performance I have to use 2 c1.xlarge instances to cover the need off bandhwith.

2 - should we use the aws Load Balancer or the wowza load balancer and Why ?.



3 -


You will need to use the Wowza load balancer because sessions will have to stay on the server first allocated and it also supports RTMP redirection.



A guide is included with the package, which can get here


Hello, I am interested in the Wowza Load Balanced configuration you were using with the Cisco ACE. We are interested in setting up a similar configuration and are wondering how you set this up.



What if he were using HTTP origin mode? I believe that doesn’t use sessions, correct?