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Using FlowPlayer with Wowza Server

Can we use flow player with Wowza developer edition?

Yes you can use any player with any edition of Wowza.


Have you tested with SimpleVideoStreaming player?


See this post for Flowplayer

For SimpleVideoStreaming or LiveVideoStreaming AS3 versions, it is the .fla file in client folder. For the Flex version of each, it is the file. In any of those, look for nc.connection.


The current un-patched version of Wowza works with FLV files and Flowplayer.

Flowplayer is a Flash app that uses NetConnection and NetStream objects to connect and stream FLV and other Flash compatible media. It has a lot of plugins and a complicated HTML/javascript container, and a lot of ways it might not work.

To test FLV other compatible media with a more basic Flash app, always use the example players that ship with Wowza.


Last release 3.2.0 works great with Wowza. Slowmotion plugin is not really useful but it works :wink:

How does your flowplayer code look like ? What plugins ? What codecs are used in flv files ?

Actually, you’re not using commercial version (flowplayer logo in the background).

I can send a sample file being played if needed?

Yep. I’ll try it on my FP/WMS combo …

Rapidshare, Dropbox, etc …

Actually, it works here using WMS and FP 3.2.1 …

See screenshot here:

Nothing wrong with this file. I can even use slowmotion plugin.

I’m also using securestreaming plugin with my own token but I don’t think this is relative to your issue …

I’m having an interesting issue with Wowza and Flowplayer.

We use the latest and greatest commercial flowplayer (3.2.0) and have been using Wowza to deliver news flvs on our website for a while now.

We recently upgraded from Wowza 1.7.2 to 2.0.0. When we did this our flv files (as played by flowplayer) broke. While all h264 encoded mp4 continued playing fine.

The URL for the streams are here

and you can see what’s happening. When you select a video flowplayer opens and starts to play as expected but you get audio and no video. However if you try to “seek” to a point in the video the video starts playing at the beginning as normal. If we move the files back to a 1.7.2 wowza server they work fine. This only effects flv encoded content files. mp4 is fine.

Any suggestions?

Yeap… The videos work fine in simplevideostreaming player using both versions of flowplayer.

They work fine with flowplayer using Wowza 1.7.2 as well. the only thing that’s changed is the Wowza version to 2.

Flowplayer code looks like this

function playBobTvc(bobclipUrl) {

$f(“bobFlowPlayer”, “/flash/flowplayer.commercial-3.1.1.swf”, {

key: ‘’,

debug: true,

clip: {

url: ‘test/9msn/292818’,

provider: ‘rtmp’


plugins: {

controls: {

autoHide: ‘always’,

hideDelay: 2000,

width: ‘98%’,

bottom: 5,

left: ‘50%’,

borderRadius: 15


rtmp: {

url: ‘/flash/flowplayer.rtmp-3.1.0.swf’,

netConnectionUrl: ‘rtmp://’





Video codec is : VP6F

Audio is : mp3 44khz 16 bit

I know we’re not using the commercial version at the moment. (an oversite on behalf of the web guys) we have a lisc for the commercial version which we use on our other website. They are deploying the commercial version on this site in the next couple of days.

I doubt it’s the flowplayer that is the issue tho as it worked (and still works fine) with the same videos served by 1.7.2.

I can send a sample file being played if needed?

Yep. I’ll try it on my FP/WMS combo …

Cool, where/how should I send the file?

Rapidshare, Dropbox, etc …

You can find one of the files in question here :

Let me know if you have any luck.

Any update on this? I’m holding off a rollback to 1.7.2 but I might have to if there isn’t an obvious solution…

Actually, it works here using WMS and FP 3.2.1 …

Ok… we’re still running base 2.0.0 I’ll try applying patch 16 and see if that clears things up.


Just in case anyone else has this problem. Patching with the latest Patch 16 resolved the issue.

Looks like something weird in the base install of Wowza2 (.deb file) prevents it from working well with FLV and flowplayer.

Something to note.