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Using Pre-Signed s3 url for source url?

I am trying to set up a stream using ‘stream to file’ and they say that aws s3 pre-signed url’s work but the section to enter the file says

Source File can only be of type .mp4, .mp3 or .flv 

The source video's URL, such as

The pre-signed url has a long key at the end so doesn’t have the extension. So what can I do?

No problem I can move it to Cloud forum and answer in there. Thanks for the additional info.

I did not see a Cloud form. Did I miss it? Sorry the post was copied from another form I was asking this question and why it had the they refering to this page

I want to use an aws s3 file to play for a ‘stream to file’ stream with Wowza Cloud.

Did you mean for this to be in the ClearCaster forum? Who is “they” when you refer to “they said”…

You have this tagged as Streaming Cloud, so we are not clear on the product you are actually asking about.

Can you kindly provide more details on your workflow? Thank you.

@Kurt Rivers is there any chance you can share the url you are trying to use? If you prefer more privacy, you can email it to me at

The cloud engineers would like to see it. Thanks!

Checking with the Cloud engineer who specializes in S3. Be back when I have some info for you.

Thank you, I got your email and that will require a support ticket. The url needs to be worked on with our engineers in case that’s a potential bug in the pre-signed. They need full access to your logs and files to take a closer look.