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Using VP9 ON VOD

dear sir

1- It’s Important to know if possibility to stream movies with VP9 Format file on VOD streaming, and if there a solution, please notify me how i can upgrade my account to use this option.

2- Is there any tutorial video’s or PDF showing the why to prepare and stream VOD movies with multi audio and subtitle tracks .

My Best Regards ,

Mosalam Eneni

ProtTV-Content Manager

Hello Layal,

We do not support VP9 for VOD content. We have an article that shows what VOD formats and codecs we support. I have not linked to that section below.

You can use our Java API to select which specific audio track and which specific subtitle track you want to use.

We also have several articles that address selecting audio and subtitle tracks.

With regards to selecting different audio tracks, you can use the following module.

More on subtitle tracks can be found in the two different articles below.