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Using WebRTC to pull video from Remote IP Camera


I have a device with a camera, which uses only WebRTP to stream video to a browser (installed on a PC).

To view the video on the PC browser (chrome), I do the following:

  1. Enter a URL with the IP Address of the device (e.g. https://[device IP Address]/index.html) into chrome

  2. Enter the username and password, when prompted to authenticate (the authentication prompt is required)

After both steps are completed, the camera’s video stream can be viewed from the chrome browser.

I would like to replace chrome browser with an an on-premise instance of Wowza Streaming Engine, having it connect to the device, authenticate and pull the video stream from the camera (using WebRTC). The received video stream will be converted to RTP (or RTSP) videos and made available to multiple remote clients that do not support WebRTC.

Please let me know if this possible, and thank you for the support.