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Verify if a file is readable through HLS on wowza Engine?


I make a streaming platform where content-owners can push their videos, and I only use HLS protocol in Wowza Engine to stream through the clients.

When they push their videos, I’m verifying if the video is correct or if I need to transcode it.

According to the documentation, video file formats for HLS need to be H.264.

I’m verifying the media information with ffprobe. So I can get the information of the expected file format (H.264), I want to be sure that I don’t need to verify other things about the file to ensure that the video don’t need to be transcoded? (ex: file extensions, audio codecs, ect …).

Thanks for your answers.


about the use of GSpot, but seems GSpot tool hasn’t been updated since Feb 2007

Utilizing the HTML5 video label component for Wowza Streaming Engine gushing URLs can be somewhat restricted relying upon the program and OS stage you are utilizing.

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