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Video and Audio not in sync after upload

Hello All,

I am new to Wowza system and need help. We are trying to upload a mp4 file using FFMpeg application. I have enabled all the transcoder settings with default bit rate settings. While uploading the different bit rate files are being generated automatically, but after it is uploaded when I view the MP4 video in the test player of Wowza, I observed that the video and Audio are not in sync. The video stops after some time but audio keeps on going.

Have I missed anything. We have installed Wowza locally on Windows 8 system.

Please let me know any help on this would be great and help me move ahead.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Farzana,

It sounds like the incoming stream’s video and audio track may not be coming in the right order. You can enable a server-side sort buffer for the Transcoder to try to fix this and align the video and audio packets.



What is the spec of the system running Wowza Streaming Engine and the transcoder?

It’s possible that the transcodes are either falling behind or stopping completely and

it could be related to system performance.


Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for the input. I tried according to the URL you have provided and now atleast the original file is coming proper. But the other Bit rate files that is 240p and 360p mp4 files are still stopping.

I always assumed that wowza converts these files based on the original source. It would be great if you can direct me again as to what am I still missing.

I am trying to upload the same Sample.mp4 file with FFMEG exe.

Thanks once again.



I’m having the same issues - the video and audio are not in sync