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Video and Audio Streaming Problem from an IP Camera


I am pretty new to wowza. So I hope I will not ask a silly question. Here It is.

By following the tutorial named “How to configure your live stream for web playback (video tutorial)”, I make live-streaming from Sony SNC DH-120 IP Camera to IIS Server. Actually I just copied embed code to my html page and live-streaming from wowza was almost perfect only with 2-3 seconds delay on a remote client machine. DH-120 camera does not have audio capability so I wanted to test video and audio with Sony camera SNC CH 140. Now, live streaming is so bad that every 4-5 seconds flash player shows “Buffering” message and video and audio is all messed up.

I will try to decrease the video quality on my IP Camera (I dont really wanna do that though) but I would like to ask you all if there is any advice you possibly give me to correct this problem. Thanks in Advance.

Hi again,

I changed my camera’s settings to really low such as 320x240 resolution, 10fps, 25 fps,30 fps frame rates, 1024, 512, 64 kbps bit rate. Nothing worked on Sony CH140 Camera.

Then I found an AXIS M1054 IPcamera and started streaming by using it, streaming is quite good now.

AXIS is using MJPEG video format right now. Sony does not have MJPEG video format. Do you guys think that might be the reason?

I mean, "Can’t I have a good streaming by using MPEG4 or H.264?

Wowza does not support MJPEG at present, so if the Axis cam is working you are probably using H.264 video and AAC audio, which is what is supported.


Hi there,

Have a look at this article:

How to re-stream video from an IP camera (RTSP/RTP re-streaming)