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View Streaming From Android or IOS Smarthpone (?)

Good afternoon everyone, I am new to the forum, this is my first post and I ask forgiveness for my English … I hope to be understood.

I’ll tell you the problem I have:

I am relatively new to Wowza, I have generated the WowzaGoder streaming application from my android device, which works perfectly, I can watch my streaming transmission from any computer through VLC. The issue is that I have configured an Apache web server, where I made a simple website, you can see in the image following:

as you can see I did just a few hyperlinks containing the link that provides Wowza Streaming Engine to view dispostivo trasnsmision from a mobile android or IOS.

And here is the big problem:

When entering the website from a Smartphone I get the message shown above “can not play video”. that the reason for this? expect an answer to help me with this problem :smiley:

Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

What are the playback URLs you are using?

For example, if the application name is “live” and the stream name is “myStream” for iOS you would use this:


And for Android:


Kind regards,