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VOD adaptive bitrate from recorded stream


I’m livestreaming HLS in ABR using the transcode-generated m3u8


I’m also recording and would like to do a VOD ABR playback of those files.

Is there a way to generate a VOD playlist.m3u8 for a list of mp4-files?
They are saved as xxxxx_720p.mp4, xxxxx_320p.mp4, etc.

I’m thinking something like


Hello Anders,

you could also look on the module create by my company :

PWI dynamic SMIL Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine

It was developed to simplify multibitrate VOD setup efforts. The module detects all files in the subdirectory, fetches metadata from them and return ABR VOD m3u8 to player. Pls do not husitate to e-mail us direct if there will be any questions

Hello @Anders Gunnarsson, you can do this, but it requires some manual work on your end with creating a SMIL file. Use the SMIL file to play the highest-bandwidth stream the client processor and connection support. The client player determines which VOD stream to play, depending on network and processor capabilities. If you use the installed vod application, the source of playback files is the SMIL file in the default content store: [install-dir]/content.

That basically means make sure your SMIL file you create is in the content folder.

We also have a Java Module that can dynamically generate a SMIL file on the fly, although it’s a bit more involved.