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VOD application - if i seek past certain point in time line seek stops working

I’m assuming this has to do with the keyframes and the way a video is encoded, but i’m having a hard time cracking it…

I’ve got a VOD application setup to fetch video from a media cache: video is 5 minutes in length. If I seek up to the last few seconds of the video, and then try to seek back in time it won’t perform the seek and it will continue to play from the last playhead location until the end of the video or a page refresh. the video in question was encoded using the specified FFMPEG arguments for VOD encoding.

to sum up

  • on demand video that was transcoded from the original via FFMPEG

  • video is 5 min in length

  • I seek the video forward to 4:55

  • If i try and move the playhead back in time (say to 3:00) it will not respond and the play head will continue to play from 4:55 until the end of the video or a page refresh.

Any one have any thoughts? Am in on the right path thinking that it has to a keyframe issue?