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Wanted; Wowza gurus w/ experience w/ optimization for live streaming over cell netwo

Hey there, Wowza gurus :wink:

We’re looking to hire a technical consultant to help us optimize our Wowza server configuration and streamer applications in order to get the optimal video quality for our streamers who contribute live streams over cellular telephone networks, including all the quirks that come along with that.

We’ll have a number of streamers out “in the field” contributing live streams over mobile cellular networks using Windows-based laptops as their encoders, transmitting the streams to our servers via an LTE (or even 3G) cell hotspot devices. Some will be using FFMPEG, some will be using Wirecast, or others. We’re mostly interested in fine-tuning the bandwidths and parameters, both client-side and server-side, to optimize the video quality given the challenging conditions that can manifest using cellular networks in various parts of the country.

We’re looking to start working with someone as soon as pratical, for as long as it takes…!

If you think you guys can help us out, let us know…!


We can assist you with the Wowza optimal settings for your server. Please contact me via skype: shijils or email shijil[@]


We can definitely help you. We are working on a similar project. Contact me at

Even I’m travelling this week, I’m reachable over email