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Watermark detection

Hi there … is there any integration done or tool to be tested to detect a water mark in the incoming stream into Wowza for a passthrough or trancoding process, which can trigger an external event?

You would need to use a trancoded rendition - so pass through does not give access to the frame to determine a watermark.

Is it the same watermark each time ? or does it change ?


There will be a bunch of water marks coming in, and I need to detect with a different event each one

If you need to check it on pixel level; it’s going to be quite a CPU burden for even a single stream. I did a “pixel by pixel color check and change”-test ~2 weeks ago, with a single 720p and an AWS EC2 c4.4xlarge, and though I didn’t check the CPU uage, the stream had serious issues (frame drops etc)