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Webcam -> Wowza -> iPhone HTTP stream

It appears that streaming from a file with Wowza is no big deal. But how about webcams? Is there a ready example available on how to stream from Flash webcam app (or Adobe FME) through Wowza onto iPhone/iPad?

This is the Live streaming tutorial:

Playback in IPhone is included in this tutorial


Wowza 1.7.2 doesn’t support IPhone. You need Wowza 2.1.1:


I tried, but all i can see in iphone’s safari is line

“Wowza Media Server Pro10 1.7.2 build12107” when i open http://[wowza-address]:1935/live/myStream.sdp/playlist.m3u8

What could i be doing wrong? This doc is so simple that i can hardly imagine what could go wrong. Or maybe i have to use a newer wowza?

Wowza Media Server 2 Developer 2.1.1 build24490 this one must be ok? trying…