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WebRTC automatically connect with live stream

Hi, how can I reconnect my user to live stream if streamer has stopped streaming for a while?

I also would like to display my user info like “The stream has left the live”, but how to get information about that?

Your option in Streaming Cloud since it’s WebRTC ingest with HLS playback is you can edit the idle timeout on the transcoder if needed. We have a default 20 minute idle timeout configured so that if there is no signal for 20 minutes the transcoder shuts down. Just keep in mind that if you extend the timeout for too long, there are charges for that time in Cloud, so be mindful of that.

You also have to leave the page open with a black screen so another idea is use our loop until live option where you have an mp4 file play as failback when the webrtc stream has stopped temporarily.

Feel free to send us a support ticket and Wowza Cloud engineers can look more closely at your workflow to offer some suggestions on what may be best for your specific needs.

While we have an option for this in Cloud, I’m not sure it applies to WebRTC and websocket connections. Let me check and I’ll reply shortly.