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WebRTC brief freezing


We’re using Wowza Stream Engine for WebRTC calls and observing often brief video freezes which turn up regardless of participants location vs server location. Same frequency of brief freezing happens for calls in between two participants in Amsterdam (this is where our server is) or once one participant is in LA and other in Warsaw (Poland EU). Audio does never freeze at all.

Do you have any hints that may help us to solve this issue? Unfortunately the freeze happens so often that it renders usage of what we have impossible for usage in the production setting.

BTW. We’re hosting Wowza Stream Engine in Amsterdam in Digital Ocean’s cloud.

Thanks up front for your help!



Hi Amara, Thanks for your answer - much appreciated! It happens on any browser. We’re trying to rule out cloud network access by checking it on different clouds and zones. We’re also noticing a significant number of low peaks on data received - please see the screenshot attached

You may want to go ahead and create a support ticket for this so we can look closer at your logs and other information that might help us. I don’t recall hearing this issue come up in the community previously.

What version of Wowza Streaming Engine are you running? And is this behavior specific to a particular browser?