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WebRTC Cloud Publish Example


Similar to the publish example for Streaming Engine I would like to know if the example code is available for the Cloud Stream WebRTC Publishing Page?

I tried the Stream Engine publish example with the Cloud SDP URL as the Signaling URL but it could not connect.

Edit: I got it to work with the Streaming Engine example, but I would still like to know if the code is available for the Cloud Publishing page.

Hello there @Dan_Zie, we do not provide the code for the Streaming Cloud WebRTC publish page as that is a hosted page within the Cloud platform. With Streaming Engine, we provide a sample for you to use or to configure on your own as Streaming Engine is designed to offer more customization for developers. Because Streaming Cloud is hosted software as a service, it doesn’t allow for the same type of file access and customization.

But you could use your webpage inspection tools to go in and modify your Cloud webrtc playback page or see the structure to create your own. We just don’t officially provide the full instructions as we do for Engine page in GitHub.

Having said that, some of the reasons why I see the Engine WebRTC publish page not work include:

  1. Did not properly configure the SSL cert that is required for the SDP url
  2. Did not properly assign a port for webrtc streaming.
  3. Did not properly assign an IP address.
  4. The SDP url was entered incorrectly.
  5. There is a firewall issue on your end.
  6. You need to properly assign an ice candidate for the browser you are using. (WebRTC over TCP on Firefox is not supported at this time.)

Here is a full step-by-step tutorial on the entire process for WebRTC in Streaming Engine and reviews all the steps I mentioned, I hope it helps! If not, send us a support ticket and we’ll review the logs and configuration to see what is wrong.