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Some time ago I configured my Wowza to transcode an RTMP input video to an WebRTC VP9 signal.

this was working great until today, I can´t see the webRTC video anymore.

Trying to check where is the problem I found that it is very hard to debbug: the wowza log are not very specific and the log in chrome://webrtc-internals/ show many things, but the only “human readable” is

23/3/2018 20:17:24 iceconnectionstatechange: checking

23/3/2018 20:17:45 iceconnectionstatechange: failed

I’ll appreciate if you can give me some hints to debbug this error.



Hello @Cristian Sepulveda

I would recommend checking the browser log (Developer Tools) to see if there’s a DOM exception thrown for the video. If so, I would recommend testing out some of the RTP constraint properties listed here:

Also if you’re using audio, you will need to make sure that your source is 48 kHz sample rate being transcoded to Opus as this can throw an exception on playback.

If further assistance is needed and you like to move this to a support case please send the console logs copied into a text document, along with the below folders:


If you are not sure how to get this information please see the following tutorial.


i have followed the tutorials and have good playback on Chrome and FF, but Safari fails. Any pointers specific to Safari both desktop and iOS?

How did you achieve this?