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WebRTC on Wowza CDN


is the streaming webrtc supported on the CDN wowza ? or is this planned?

Hello Bouchard,

At this time we do not have anything on the roadmap for webRTC on Wowza Cloud. Please reach out to us in the future months for an update if you are still interested in this feature.



We would also like this feature enabled.

I am DESPERATE for this feature. We use Wowza servers at the moment, and if Cloud cant support WebRTC it’ll unfortunately push us to look for other cloud providers. :frowning:

Thank you for your feedback and I have passed this on to our Cloud team. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you with your projects, but we do not support webRTC through Cloud at this time.

Our Cloud team is interested in some feedback from you @Ivan Nelson and @Shaun Walker.

  1. Are you looking for webRTC ingest into Cloud and then transcode it into other formats for playback?

  2. Or are you in need of webRTC for both ingest and playback in Cloud? That would require a WebRTC CDN network so this feedback is very helpful to us if you have a moment to let me know.

Thank you- Rose

what’s the best professional live video streaming encoder hardware for wowza

Hi @Djoudi Belkacemi, welcome to the forums! It would be best to ask this in a separate, brand new post. I will answer it there so that people searching and who like your question can follow it there… Posting it here is not an answer or relevant to this post thread. Thank you!

I believe just 1.

Our current use case is streaming WebRTC to our own Wowza server then its encoded into a progressive mpd playlist.

So we have a player that consumes that playlist. We dont use WebRTC for playback, only for sending a users webcam/audio into Wowza.

Thanks for responding…I’ll pass it on and keep you posted when we may be able to offer this in 2019.

I too am looking for CDN for wowza webrtc

Not supported yet @Chris_Jukes . The only current options are:

Engine: Transmux the WebRTC to another format like HLS for the CDN
Cloud: Same option as above

It’s not a matter of us not supporting…due to the nature of the traffic, no general purpose CDN (Akamai, Fastly) can carry it just yet. Right now, every viewer has to connect back to the transcoder directly. Hence, the limit of 300 viewers. We will be offering an option in the near future to distribute the WebRTC stream at scale (More than 300) but it won’t technically be WebRTC > CDN. That timeline is not until Q4 at the earliest.