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WebRTC Play Example

I have successfully configured Wowza with WebRTC preview, but I have a problem. If I open example page on Google Chrome on the same machine where wowza lives, streaming start successfully and video is viewed in browser. While if I start the same page on a different machine (different subnet but no firewall between ends) handshake phase complete successfully video go in play mode but no image is visible inside browser. Wowza is running on Windows Server 2012 R2, client machine is Windows 10 with chrome (updated today). Capturing traffic with wireshark i see UDP packets from Wowza server to my client. Sometimes after a long time video become visible. We have plan to purchase a perpetual license for Wowza Streaming Engine for a surveillance system, we need a near real time streaming on client (html5) so webrtc seems the only choice.



As additional information I see this line in error_log:

WARNservercomment2018-01-3009:40:00192612565310.254.246.24-0085484.508--------WebRTCCommands.getOffer[]: offer:v=0