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WebRTC - Publish a Test Stream to Wowza Streaming Engine?

Hi, I’m following the “Publish a test stream to Wowza Streaming Engine” instructions and getting the following error when attempting to publish as instructed: “Websocket connection failed: wss://”:

I’m quite certain I have my Streamlock SSL certificate set up correctly (shown below). I can run “openssl s_client -connect” from the command line and I get back the expected information.

When creating my Streamlock certificate, the IP address I used is So, I suspect when pinging it should just refer to localhost (, which it appears to.

What I’m confused about is If is pointing to my localhost ( then I’m guessing webrtc-session.json must be a file in the Wowza directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Wowza Media Systems\Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.0). However, if I search this directory I don’t find webrtc-session.json …Is this why I’m getting the “Websocket connection failed” error above? …If so, could someone please explain to me where I can get this file?


Thank you, I’ve just submitted a new support ticket for this.

It does look like you have it setup correctly and also looks like you have port 443 open for the SSL as well. Send us a support ticket so we can see what IP address us actually bound to the SSL certificate. We can’t debug it in the forums, but really appreciate the time you took to share the info and images including blocking your private information. You’ve run all the right tests so far.

If you go to sources within the application and look at the right rail text for “Application Connection Settings” an IP address is listed there. You should be setting up to use that IP address for your workflow.

@Anthony Lazaro - Thank you for the reply. To clarify, are you suggesting I use this IP address as the IP Address in my Streamlock SSL certificate?

@Anthony Lazaro this seems to have worked. Thank you! …Though, I’m slightly confused as to why. If anything I would think the StreamLock certificate would need my public IP, not the private one that shows under “Application Connection Settings” in the Wowza Server.