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WebRTC Questions

I have a website where "streamers’ push RTMP streams to Wowza and the viewers playback the streams via WebRTC.

  1. Does using WebRTC with Wowza limit the max amount of viewers as opposed to say RTMP? I know that with traditional P2P WebRTC you can only have a few people connected.

  2. I’m transcoding audio only (AAC to Opus). Is audio transcoding light on the server?

In my most recent load test against a 4 core ec2 instance, I found that webrtc clients consume nearly twice the processor time as an RTMP client on the same stream (I can handle 1500 rtmp clients vs 800 webrtc clients with processor averaging 80%)

As for audio transcoding, I find that I can get between 5 and 8 concurrent transcodes per processor core, depending on the speed of the processor of course. This assumes the server is only an origin and isn’t serving subscribing clients.

Thanks for that info! Really helpful