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WebRTC - Security

Hi Team

I’m looking for a security kind of feature for WebRTC from the Wowza Level…

Means Previously I have used HLS External AES encryption by building a custom Jar file (Checks custom Header, Session etc)… and integrated with the Application…

Like that is there is any way to do the same in WebRTC.?

Thanks and Regards,
Nithin Krishna

Hello Nithin,

I see this was addressed in a recent ticket with Support.

Our engineered offered the following answer:

We don’t have any published articles relating to WebRTC as this is currently a preview release and subject to change/enhancements etc.

You can however find a code snippet in the included README.html of the WebRTC package that shows how you may secure WebRTC playback and publishing.

I hope that helps to clarify.


Andy E

there is information about this now that webrtc is officially part of wowza?

Hi Christian if you are looking for some additional security for WebRTC in the Wowza server, we do have this option for you: