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WebRTC stream play on flutter mobile application

Hi There,

Recently we were able to start our wowza streaming engine and tested both stream publishing and playing,

we used RTMP/RTSP and HLS protocols all of them were working perfectly except the delay on HLS and the incompatibility of RTMP on IOS devices.

So depending on our mobile application’s requirements we need a low latency protocol then we did setup our server to be able to stream in WebRTC:

  • Issued an SSL certificate using Wowza StreamLock.

  • Connnected the SSL certificate to our Wowza Streaming Engine.

  • Made a testing publish/play scenario and it was working perfectly.

my question is:

is there are any plugin/SDK to implement WebRTC playback in flutter mobile application ?

Hi @Ali Soudi, happy to hear you were able to successfully stream using our publish and playback examples. Wowza does not have a flutter WebRTC SDK, but with a google search for “webrtc flutter” I I did see some that are available on GitHub.

Here’s an example:

Wowza has not tested any of these so we cannot speak to whether or not they would work with our platform. We’d be interested in your feedback, however, should you try to integrate them with Wowza WebRTC.