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WEBRTC to Cloud cdn On Problem

Server (certificate) - Cloud flare (CDN applied Off) -> Video transmission confirmation. Server (certificate) - Cloud flare (CDN On) -> Page inaccessible. After receiving the cloud flare certificate, change it to jks and put it in the wow 9443 port setting. Page inaccessible. Upload a server certificate to a cloud flare certificate. Page inaccessible. Where should I fix it? If you apply CDN, does that cause the IP change? For example, (CDN OFF) I’m fine. However, it is not (CDN ON). CDN ON The video was transmitted. 443 works well without certificate problems. But, 9443 I have this problem.

Hello @james choi have you submitted a support ticket yet? We’d be happy to help you debug this issue. You can submit a ticket here: