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Webrtc 세션은 최대 몇개까지 가능한가요?

It uses the RTSP address from another VMS. I received a different URL address for the same streaming from another VMS.
As in the screenshot, it is number 1, 2, and 3
Although it is the same streaming, urls 1 and 2 generate 3 errors, and url 3 generates 1 error, but the video comes out well.

This will require a support ticket and full configuration review due to the VM and WebRTC. That’s a more advanced workflow, but all I can suggest based on what you shared (image is blurry) is check the ports, the firewalls and make sure the Audio codec is Opus for WebRTC playback.

Have you already checked all the NOTES highlighted here in orange? The ports especially…

We’ll need to look at that url you menioned to make sure your SSL certificate is setup properly as that is required for WebRTC.