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WebSocket Client


I’m trying to create websocket communication between 2 wowza instances. Lets say i got wowza1 and wowza2. wowza1 has module with websocket server. wowza 2 has module with websocket client, which client at ModuleBase.onAppStart create new session to wowza1(WebSocket server).

After that client or server can send/receive messages between them. The problem is:

Following this tutorial I’m able to create WebSocket Server which receive and send messages to other parties.

What i cannot find is how can i create WebSocket client using Wowza Java API’s. Should i use 3rd party libraries for the purpose or in Wowza API;s there is a WebSocket Client implementation which i can reuse.

Thank you in advance


Unfortunately, Wowza does not currently have client-side WebSocket APIs. You will need to use third party libraries for this purpose.