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WebSocket reuse


I’ve been experimenting with WebRTC connecting to the streaming engine.

Every multi-party sample application I’ve looked at creates a websocket for publishing, and then a separate websocket for each peer. This would mean that an N party conference call would require N*N connections to the server just for signalling!

It certainly appears that once a websocket has been established for publishing, it cannot then be used to send “getOffer” for a different streamName.

Obviously I’d prefer to just have a single websocket per client – is that possible?


This is what I have had to do to signal new published streams for subscribing

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This is not possible. Also, Wowza is not really suitable for conferencing solutions, more suitable for one-few to many.

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Thanks Remy. “Conference” call is probably stretching the terminology a little – we’re not talking about enormous numbers of people, but greater than two.

Did seem odd that it required a new, socket, for, every, single, pair, of, clients, but if that’s the cost of doing business then we’ll have to do it until we can upgrade to a less eccentric solution.

It’s very quick and disconnected after setting up the connection. Usually setting up the connection and getting the info will take a few secs and then it’s free’d up again.