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WebVTT live captioning in LL-HLS streams


I’ve just updated to 4.8.0 and setup our installation to enable LL-HLS.

The video streaming runs with no problems, I can run the cupertino and CMAF packetizers in parallel, and our caption injection via the cupertino packetizer also still works; my question is whether it is currently possible to configure the CMAF packetizer to inject WebVTT captions into the LL-HLS stream? Unfortunately I was not able to find any information on this in the docs, but maybe I am just blind ^^

If this is not currently possible, are there any plans for this to become available?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think this is possible just yet with LL-HLS since it is still beta but, I’m checking to see if our engineers know more about any future plans.

since this still doesn’t appear to be working almost a year later, I wanted to ask if there are any plans w/ regards to implementing this or if there’s any news in general about this topic.