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Were to define Mpeg Dash Manifest Property "suggestedPresentationDelay"

Hi, we are using Wowza Streaming Engine for live streaming / transcoding with Mpeg Dash. We want to change the "suggestedPresentationDelay"property of the manifest file, but there is no documentation available.

Update from the Wowza Support feedback:

This is not currently possible with the Wowza Streaming Engine software but there is currently a feature request in our backlog

Hi, has anything moved here? This issue is still holding us back from using dash/hevc in production. As we cannot edit this value (it is calculated by Wowza automatically with 2x segment duration), we would as an alternative like to offer a separate / parallel manifest file that omits this value altogether. I cannot understand how this does not affect other users.

For a player that strictly interprets these values (suggestedPresentationDelay and mpegdashChunkDurationTarget), it means that the player will mostly have only one (!) segment in buffer, which obviously will lead to issues with playback.