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What is the best setup for a live studio

Hello, im trying to create a live streaming studio for courses like, pastry, makeup, nails, something like that, and i was wondering what kind of hardware can i use to create a good streaming videos, i have this hardware.

  • 1 pc i5 9th generation, 8gb ram, 2gb Nvidia video card.

  • 1 elgato video capture

  • 1 canon camera

  • obs studio

  • internet speed 100mb download and 8mb upload

and i’m having lag on my streaming, why?? do i need buy a hardware like a wowza clear caster? and if i have to buy one, what is the cheaper (to start because my budget is low)


I don’t think this is a problem with the hardware; you should be able to send a simple stream from webcam via OBS studio. I found this article:

Additional tip: choose a fixed key frame interval (by default it’s “auto”; switch that to e.g. 2 seconds

im using a canon camera, with a elgato game capture, bur i think the problem is my video card, is a 2gb gforce gt 710, i think i need a better video card, i having a lot of lost frames, and was a nigthmare

It may be Elgato Game Capture that uses resources. I’d consult with Elgato for the System Requirements.