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What is the most optimized AWS instance to run Wowza on?

as the title suggests, i want to know what is the most optimized selection for wowza i can select for an instance to use wowza with. I want the ability to have hundreds if not thousands of customers streaming through the wowza engine, so i need the most optimized setup. currently I am running a windows server wowza streaming engine 4.8 on a c4.8x large aws instance. but i know there is a huge swath of instance types, what is the instance that wowza most recommends?

It totally depends on the situation. If you say 100s or 1000s of concurrent streams, then look for an instance that has reasonable CPU, but moreover lots of network capacity and a decent amount of RAM. Presumably you’ll use WSE to transmux into HLS (and maybe also MPEG-DASH). Chunks / segments are temporarily stored in memory (Java Heap space to be precise), so you must make sure that you have enough memory to store “[number of chunks] x [number of streams] x [chunk size]”.

This article may help you make the right choice:

Personally I’m not sure if 1000s of incoming streams on a single server is a good idea, not only because of the capacity, but also because it’s a huge risk to have your business depend on a single point of failure (not that I’m saying WSE will fail, but if …). Maybe better to have multiple, smaller instances with load-balancing. For more information on scaling, see

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