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what soulution should I use to live video stream to 4000 persons ?


My customer wants to organize a live conference which will be stream to 2000-4000 people online. (he will do that 1 per month)

I don’t think I can just use 1 server with wowza.

What would be the suitable/simplest solution ?

I heard something like amazon EC2 : can someone help me and help me to choose the right solution/infrastucture to live stream to 2000-4000 persons.

Does EC2 automatically resizes its bandwidth accoring to number of viewers ?


Hello there.

I think your best bet here is to post a request to the find a consultant forum. They will be able to analyze all the details of your streaming needs and best advise, and assist in its implementation.

Thank you.


What is your stream bitrate ? if it’s lower than 300kbps, you can find people like me that have 1gbit - 10gbit upload speed and use wowza . Otherwise over 300kbps means that you need minumum 2gbit upload speed. dedicating 1~2 gbps port is meaningless for using 1 time in a month .