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when wowza player 1027 version is running, client did not get response from http request.

Only on the phone, when wowza player is running, network call to our API server does not get return value from the server. If I make the same our server call, after wowza player.stop , it works again. Any idea or previous similar reported issues you know ? I know it is very strange.

I installed proxy server and found that server return data to client

I tried 1027 sample SwfitPlayerSampleApp. I changed Mute button to invoke the the network call to some third party http entry. As I said , if player is not running we can see , as soon as we press mute.

data = 347 bytes

{“args”:{“foo1”:“bar1”,“foo2”:“bar2”},“headers”:{“x-forwarded-proto”:“https”,“host”:“”,“accept”:"/",“accept-encoding”:“br, gzip, deflate”,“accept-language”:“en-us”,“user-agent”:“PlayerSampleApp.swift/201807091354 CFNetwork/975.0.3 Darwin/18.2.0”,“x-forwarded-port”:“443”},“url”:“”}

data = Optional(347 bytes)

error = nil

But when player is running, network callback is not call, until I stop the wowza player

I changed muteButton method in the sample to the following.

@IBAction func didTapMuteButton(_ sender:AnyObject?) {

let url = URL(string: “”);

var request = URLRequest(url: url!)

request.httpMethod = “GET”

let configuration = URLSessionConfiguration.ephemeral

let session = URLSession(configuration: configuration, delegate: nil, delegateQueue: OperationQueue.main)

let task = session.dataTask(with: request, completionHandler: { [weak self] (data: Data?, response: URLResponse?, error: Error?) -> Void in

if let data = data {

print(“data = (data)” );

let str = String(data: data, encoding: String.Encoding.utf8) ?? “Data could not be printed”



print(“data = (data)” );

print(“error = (error)” );

// Parse the data in the response and use it



//self.player.muted = !self.player.muted

//let muteButtonImage = UIImage.init(named: self.player.muted ? “volume_mute” :“volume_unmute”)

//self.muteButton.setImage(muteButtonImage, for: UIControlState.normal)

//self.volumeSlider.isEnabled = !self.player.muted