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Where is a menu about wowza streaming api

Hi there.

i operate website where using wowza streaming engine for stream CCTV.

when i wanna control (add or delete information in wowza server) wowza server, i must go to server and directly insert information. it is very tiresome work.

so i plan develope a function for control wowza server in my website.

  1. bring up information from wowza server to website
  2. modified information in my website and send wowza server.

in this case, can u recommene where is proper API guide ?

Hi @yoon_kyungsikm,

I’m assuming you mean Java API since that is the forum you tagged. Full JAVA Api library is listed right here in our docs:

If you meant REST API here it is:

You can also try some HTTP providers for the custom work you mentioned so you don’t have to keep going in and adding manually;