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Where to find your Engine LICENSE KEY

I don’t have my license key. How can I find it?

Hello @Dan Gadd,

You can find your license key in the original order email.

You can also contact billing team to request the key to be re-sent to you.

Your license key can also be found in your install directory in the Wowza Streaming Engine folder where the arrow is pointing, inside there is a folder named Conf. Click on that Config folder in there, you will see a file named “Server.license”


Alex C.

Where is the actual key? I can’t find mine in the portal. I am a monthly subscriber.

I am also facing the same Issue. I am not able to find my License Key anywhere in account portal.

same for me

Your license key is found in your install directory, inside a folder named “conf,” in a file named “Server.license”

license key is not valid for v 4

Please reference this post -

Hello, I am Mac user. I can not find that directory on the folder. I see just Contents folder. No conf or Server.license?

Thank you in advance.

You are in the root, you need to go down one level in directories.

WowzaStreamingEngine > conf

Hello @umit gonen please see the images I have added above to help you navigate to the correct location.