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Which EC2 instance type is best suited for large volume streaming


We run the latest wowza 3 on our own ec2 instances.

Which instance do you recommend is best suited for streaming?

We have a large number of broadcasters into the box and we’re saving the files.



c3.8xlarge probably, mainly because of a good mix of high performance CPU’s, good amount of memory, SSD storage and 10 GbE.

For better value though, I would load balance between a number of cheaper instances (like the c1.medium) instead.

A c1.medium instance comes at 1/16 the price of a c3.8xlarge, but it will allow for over half the througput (~0,95 Gbps) of the expensive c3.8xlarge 10 GbE instance (~1,7 Gbps).

For the saved files, I would script those to be moved to a S3 bucket after ended broadcasts.


We have a Module which can be added on a per application basis called the ModuleMediaWriterFileMover which you may find useful.