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why aren't my Facebook live videos not posting to page?

We are unable to Live from Stream to Facebook. Our university Facebook page is:

Company Name: Daffodil International University

Hi @Mohammed Nadir Ali

This forum is called “Hire a Consultant”, and meant for inquiries for paid support from authorized (external) consultants. If you’re looking for support from Wowza, you may post your question in, or join the Slack community (

I have same problem. Please tell me or give more information for fix or configuration

I using Wowza Streaming Cloud.


You’re posting in the Hire A Paid Consultant Forum @Phontakorn Kunyabut, which is where you are willing to pay an external party for help.

You’ll need to post in Streaming Cloud forum for guidance if this is not what you were looking for and I will provide an answer for you there. I’ll watch for your new post. Thanks.