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Why can't I get stream.sendDirectAMF3() working (but sendDirect() does work)?

HI I am sending metadata using the HttpProvider example ( I want to send AMF3 objects so I am trying to use stream.sendDirectAMF3() but it is not working. I can call stream.sendDirect() but then the AMFData objects I pass are NOT the AMF3 data objects I need. I have had this working on other projects, by why doesn’t this work in some instances? It seems the function never gets called because in the module I never see onFillChunkDataPacket called if I call stream.sendDirectAMF3().

After a lot of testing, it seems that stream.sendDirectAMF3() works and will allow you to save metadata in an MP4 (AMF metadata) but it does NOT fire off the IHTTPStreamerCupertinoLivePacketizerDataHandler2.onFillChunkDataPacket() method, like stream.sendDirect() does. I had to use both functions (sendDirect() AND sendDirectAMF3() ) to record metadata at the same time I was converting it to ID3 for an HLS live stream.

Thanks for posting a follow up.