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Why HLS and mpeg dash play but rtmp player not show my stream?


I start streaming with wowza 4.7.8.

I stream with wirecast and TBS encoder.

Now I can play my live stream at VLC or Wowza player with

http://My IP:1935/live/myStream/playlist.m3u8

But I can not see my live with rtmp URL on wowza player or JWplayer

rtmp://My IP:1935/live + stream name

My player is OK because I test with another stream engine and It can play rtmp live stream.

Also I add Playback Types:MPEG-DASH Apple HLS Adobe RTMP Adobe HDS Microsoft Smooth Streaming RTSP to my application.

Please help me

Wowza Player only supports the WOWZ protocol @Hasan Hameed Alhusseini, which is owned by Wowza and requires the GoCoder app or GoCoder SDK for sending the stream. You should be able to play back the m3u8 stream in Wowza Player as it does support HLS fallback when WOWZ doesn’t work.

Not sure why it is not working in JW Player, but I would guess it doesn’t support it. RTMP playback is not common anymore. It requires a Flash player which is being discontinued if you do an internet search. I would google search RTMP JW player and see what you find. Looks to me like they don’t.

I test with wowza player at:

MPEG DASH and Apple HLS work goods but Adobe RTMP says

Connection failed: Try rtmp://[server-ip-address]/live

I know that flash rtmp is discontinue but the power of wowza engine is support all of protocols and I like to correct this issue.

Because I have a live from nginx server and it good work on wowza player.