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Why "Publisher" option is not showing under the "Server" menu?

I have installed Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.6…As per the basic tutorials both in wowza website on live streaming videos there is publisher menu under the main server menu with wowza engine manager… But iam not seeing any publisher menu under the main ‘Server’ at the left hand side of the manager web page.

i have reinstalled the wowza engine several time to get this publisher option…but it hasn’t appeared yet

Iam using Windows 10 where this Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.6 is installed

Anyone please help me on this

Seems like “Publisher” option at some has been renamed to “Source Authentication”

so what shud i do ? your updated tutorials are explaining about publisher iam not seeing anyone mentions about "Source Authentication

please provide me how can i stream live video with this “Source AUthentication” ?

This newer tutorial will help you find the Source Authentication setting in the Streaming Engine Manager @Abdul Manaf

You can also follow this doc:

Let me know please if you need further assistance…