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Will Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn work for origin servers?


I am trying to build a scalable video streaming solution in which I have many sources publishing to Wowza and many clients connecting to consume the video streams. What I tried to do is to have a cluster of origin servers to which the sources/publishers stream and a cluster of edges to which the clients connect to consume. Once a client connects, the ModuleStreamResolver module is used to dynamically find the right origin server. So far so good.

Now I want a single end point for all the publishers, so I tried to use the Dynamic Load Balancing add on, and did not succeed.

My question - can I expect to have it work for publishing streams as well, or is it meant to be used for edge load balancing only?



The Dynamic Load Balancer is designed to work with playback streams only, not for incoming source streams. You could look into using DNS load balancing for source stream balancing.

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