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Windows Phone 7 SmoothStreaming


did anyone manage to get WMS working with WP7?

According to MSFT there is support for SmoothStreaming in WP7 devices, but no real examples how to do it.

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WP7 is not officially supported (and I don’t have one to test), but you try Smooth or Cupertino streaming. Cupertino vod works on WMP (but live doesn’t).





Here’s a player app for your phone:

It’s not support as far as I know. You could try cupertino streaming too tho.


Add “cupertinostreamingpacketizer” to /conf/live/Application.xml /LiveStreamPacketizers

It probably won’t work tho.


You can use this VS 2010 plugin:

Other links


Only thing i got working is WindowsMedia streaming from WindowsMediaServices towards WP7.

When I make href towards smoothstreaming url, xml is displayed in browser explaining the structure of SmoothStreaming stream. http (iphone) and rtsp are not supported my WP7.

Anyone tried anything else with WP7?

hi, anyone.

windows phone 7 officially supports SmoothStreaming and many others…

can we have official response on this issue?

There is no official streaming support for WP7 at the moment other than mms:(

I asked Alex Zamblli, here is his reply:

Smooth Streaming is supported on WP7. Both the SSME and SMF are available for WP7.

I looked at the forum and I think a part of the confusion might be that people are expecting Smooth Streaming to work in IE on WP7. That’s not the case. Silverlight only exists as an app runtime platform on WP7, not as a browser plugin. In order to play back Smooth Streams on WP7 one has to build an app and deploy it to the phone. There’s currently no generic Smooth Streaming player app available in the Zune Marketplace, but there’s definitely nothing stopping any developer from writing one and submitting it to the marketplace.

When encoding Smooth Streaming for WP7, you should also follow these guidelines:


Has anyone gotten this to work?

There’s a smooth streaming player available here:

Been trying to get my Axis Camera to stream to my Windows phone - it works in a silverlight website but not on the phone…

Or this one: