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Windows Phone (no) streaming


My streams are working properly on smartphones (IOS and Android) with the HLS protocole.

But my client wants it to be also effective on Windows Phones (IEMobile). So I’ve parametered the Microsoft Smooth Streaming on the Wowza server side and set on the client side : http://:1935/live/myStream/Manifest as an url. But It doesn’t work.

Does the Windows client have to install something special ?

Thanks in advance.


Hello there,

Windows mobile devices support Microsoft Smooth Streaming through an application. An application is available on the Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework page.

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Hi Bruno.

I am sorry, but I am not sure what you are asking.

Thank you,


I am sorry Bruno, that is all I have to offer at this time.

side note: a Google search did return a bit of buzz about HTML5 and Windows devices, included a few claims that it worked on Windows devices (depending on what version of IE was running on the device) but nothing stable. Just in case you want to explore that avenue.

That’s really all I have to offer.



Thank you salvadore for your answer. Good as usual.

Is there a streaming protocole produced by Wowza server that prevents the end user to install an app on Windows Phone ?

Hi Salvadore,

My need is to stream from a Wowza server to a Windows Phone without app.

You say that Microsoft Smooth Streaming requires an app to work.

So I would like to know if it exists a protocole that allows Windows Phone to read a stream coming from Wowza in an javascript piece of code as I use to do on Ipad with HLS.

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I’ll seach for the Google buzz you evoked.

I’ve juste read that : Some OTS players, such as MediaElement.js, have an additional rendering mode via a Microsoft Silverlight player codebase to play streaming formats on Windows Phone.

The article is here.

I’ll check that asap.