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Wirecast direct to YouTube vs through Wowza

Normally, I use Wirecast to send my stream to Wowza Cloud and then have my clients watch the live stream on the Hosted Page created when I setup the stream. I have some upcoming events that last 1-2 hours but my client wants me to stream to their public YouTube Live pages. Wirecast allows me to stream directly to YouTube and I have done this before. I was wondering if there is any user-experience advantage to running the stream through Wowza and then setting the target of the stream to YouTube? Thanks!

Hello Clark,

Going direct from Wirecast to Youtube would probably be best.

Plus if you go through Wowza Streaming Cloud it would also add another hop for the stream.

If you needed to send the stream to the hosted page and Youtube, then Wowza would be something you needed to do.



I was trying to do this, too. This option would be great.

@Clark Severson Just be aware yo would loose your ability to have a Primary and Backup stream going direct, or course that’s not important that’s perfectly fine.