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WMSPanel Pay-Per-View Framework for Wowza

One of the most popular WMSPanel feature sets is WMSAuth, the limitation, restriction and protection technology for Wowza Media Server. Our customers kept asking if we could extend it to be able to control their streaming on per-user level.

Our team has implemented the framework which allows the following:

  • process incoming requests that are currently connected to Wowza;

  • map them to unique customer-defined IDs;

  • provide customer with detailed connections information for each user;

  • allow blocking any given UID.

    This brings the ability to:

  • pay per view logic for streaming media providers as each viewer info has the fact of viewing;

  • pay per minute logic as it allows gathering view time per viewer;

  • re-streaming protection when 1 person pays for 1 account and provides access for group of people;

  • unique visitors statistics calculation (both customer-defined and WMSPanel-based);

  • education video management for per-student metrics;

  • any other use cases where you need users management integration.

    Pay-per-view framework is based on push API this may be implemented using any web technology.

    Read more about pay-per-view setup and usage in the feature set documentation.

    Wowza Consultant? Read how you can use WMSPanel and PPV in your workflow.